Saturday at 12:30 AM…God only knows.

Enjoy Patrick Lee Hebert and son recounting the days of youth and mis-understanding in this live ( at the time) gathering of soul speak.


Thoughts about reality… a 12:30 Am Excursion.


Patrick Lee Hebert and Patrick Lee Hebert II


The restlessness of the people is amazing

They swear to Gods unheard

They worship beings that have no spirit…

They plug into a black world.


Picturing a painting

Still life image

The colours and hue never were there

Impressionistic imaginations and watercolor thoughts


When I was young

A man came to our village

Speaking of the end

Speaking at me.


Once I thought about the moon and

Her conversations

Whispering on the cold breeze of



Love flits like a dragonfly

You swear she loves only you

Who are you to guess at such things

You have been betrayed brother.




Dreaming a dream…..

While inside a dream….

Makes a bit of difference I think….

At least I think….


Power unlimited

Failure sensed through dreaming

Never really knew her


Broke my damn heart she did.


Awake to see that sky

Dreaming of being alive

Thinking of the melody of the trees

Nobody sees……


We laughed so loud it was unreal

We became fools for the spotlight of reason

We became whores for the solidarity of the races

We became embryotic fluid for God’s sake!…can you say why?


Yet again…

The night comes alive and speaks

The trees whisper their ancient melody

To recount the tales of heroes of men


Silent sentinels linger

Over the bones of men who fought

For the freedom of thought

And realized the futility.


Toutes ces choses sont les fabrications des hommes…

Des petits reves et des fantasies

Tout dans ma tete

C’est pleine des trucs comme ca


Je suis desole pour l’honte

J’était sure

J’était un homme natural

Maintenant…je suis malheureux


Ses yeux… Ses cheveux…

Habille en toute noire

C’était la premiere fois qu’on est recontre

Je me souviens pas

A poem about peace

She waits for me

In the meadow across the way

Shy and contained

Her love reaches


There is a brook

Quick and spirited where

She laments my passing

She thinks I do not see her


Every day I pass

Hoping for a glimpse of her

Not knowing she hides in the trees

Hoping for the same


I continue alone

Forsaken it seems

I think I can feel her

Want to know her


It has been centuries

But time has no place here

One of these days

We will both see

A poem for a Monday.

Suppose you want the sky
But the earth is offered
What about the sea
Dry land for choice this time

Seemingly alarmed you ask for wind
They give you rain
You will settle for a breeze
A blizzard occurs

Some give up and wait
Some give up and take the offer
I will watch from my window
Let the world unfurl around me

Make no decision now they say
Wait till tomorrow
Maybe what you want will come
I don’t believe it and decide to dream instead…


Skies and sea
Breezes and sun
Contented dreams
Living there is my dream…

No-one can take it from me

A few poems for Thursday

I wrote this for my lovely wife Caroline several years ago.




Sometimes love is like ashes

memories blowing in the wind

loving the scent of wood burning

passion on fire with hope


Walking home in autumn

the breeze shifts the leaves

such is everyday life when you are in love

the journey so pleasant


Filled with longing

hoping to see your face

in my dreams

when I open the door…you are there


Love is like ashes

memories blowing in the wind

the best part for me

is knowing it is you



I wrote this in 2006 after one of the worst trials of my life…has a good ending though!


The house was still furnished

when you vacated our life

leaving me with Christmas memories

only two days old.


It took a week to remove everything

which I began immediately

even the pieces of tape

where pictures of us once hung…


I remember how the tree, still decorated

flew off the back of the over-packed truck

over the bridge and into the river

a cry of madness leaving my lips.


I returned every night for a week

scrubbing and washing

all the surfaces we leaned on

loved on…


Until every vestige was gone

any proof we lived there…gone


Before I left forever

I looked upon the outside of the dwelling

that was to be a new life for us

a new start from a mind only half healed


I saw a wind chime

hanging from the corner…

gently singing in the January night breeze…


I took it and walked away

never to return there again

going home to hang

in a new but familiar corner…alone.


Four years later

that same murmuring singer of wind songs

hangs from the house where we now reside

reminding me of a mind that has healed much further…


We are together again…

The wind chimes prove it…

Singing the same song…for different reasons…


A poem for Thursday morning



One last dance

She always asks me

For one last dance

Not supposed to be even tempted

Can’t help the need

She always asks me anyway

Knowing I will relent

She knows her allure

Knows I am weak


Tells me she can make the pain go away

Fill all the empty little places

In my heart

In my soul

Most of the time she is right

Just a little bit

Just a taste

Just a strip tease

It is your life she says

Make what you want from it

The glory days are still here

Just dance with me one more time

You are so beautiful

To me anyway she says…


She lies


She asks me to dance in the dark with her

No-one will see

No-one will know

No-one will care


She lies



A poem for a rainy Tuesday




The bright seasons of pain

The faint whispers from the past

Drawing me nearer

Dreaming in the past


Once all I could see

Were orange skies

Everywhere I looked

I was dreaming while awake


Today the sky is blue

And I still wonder

Why?.. when I think

I begin to dream in orange


Orange skies

Dormant colors arise

Lift to the surface

Manifest in dreams



Three poems for a Saturday.

These three poems are from my book “The Forgotten Dream”. Reading this morning I was touched by these three.IMG_20160708_183201.jpg



I feel like three people

One for me

One for her

One for them


One to make the pain go away

Sullen as it works

Dreaming relentlessly

No one cares here


Another to gather pride

A distant wish

Kissing a ghost



Last to become real

In a fabricated world

They laugh

At what I think




Awaking from a sultry dream

chasing phantoms in the night

wishing to go back

but afraid-

in the heart of the dreamer

lies the reason he falls

the hell of remembrance

is like sweet and longing nostalgia


The hazes that surround the dream

liquid voices


demand recognition


Screaming of loss



wanting to relive it all


Whispers emerge like ghosts

crowding his senses

knowing the result

but going anyway


Weakness deserves confusion

senses weakened

oceans of dreams

never ending




Suppose you want the sky

But the earth is offered

What about the sea

Dry land for choice this time


Seemingly alarmed you ask for wind

They give you rain

You will settle for a breeze

A blizzard occurs


Some give up and wait

Some give up and take the offer

I will watch from my window

Let the world unfurl around me


Make no decision now they say

Wait till tomorrow

Maybe what you want will come

I don’t believe it and decide to dream instead…




Skies and sea

Breezes and sun

Contented dreams

Living there is my dream…


No-one can take it from me


Just a thought

What to do when the past makes an appearance

Things thought dormant arise to remind

Trust is a luxury in this tainted world

A world I am forced to travel


Feeling hopeless is so easy to fall into

The world is waiting to crash down

Just a thin membrane of courage

Stopping total madness


I will never again fall prey to the dark

The somber feelings of dread

I feel watching me through my own eyes

People never really change I am told


I write a melancholy tune

To accompany my mood

Being a composer and a poet

Is a lasting and inevitable curse

Dim and Ancient Forest

I wrote this poem at a bar in New Hampshire in 2005. I was just killing time and feeling blue. I asked the waitress for a pen and proceeded to write this on a stained napkin.You never know when inspiration will hit.



By Patrick Lee Hebert


Imagine a dim and ancient forest

Where the light barely graces

Where there is no sunshine…

The sky being ashen


Imagine being there alone

Day after day

Night after night

Hardly ever emerging

Except to feed on life


Then back to the forest

Where silence is the rule

The trees never rustle

The wind never blows


No-one sees me here

Totally alone

Wanting to leave

Afraid to leave


Imagine being here with me

Dim and ancient moods

Alone with the trees

Alone even though I am here


To see the sky

Would be a miracle here

Just gray through the leaves

Heavy heart….heavy soul…


Not even death visits here

Afraid to be dismal I guess

No fear of him here

Even when feeling dead is natural to me in this place


Imagine a dim and ancient forest

Go there and see for yourself

It’s easy for me


It’s my soul



Thomas Reid…five poems.

These five short poems are by Thomas Reid. Thomas is a guitar teacher in East Tennessee. Currently, he is working on an album of original songs to be released through the Highland label.There is a description below before the poems.


This collection of poems comes from where many artists find inspiration: heartbreak. Some of these poems were written a long time ago, others not. However, they all share an overarching narrative. The goal of these poems was to honestly and genuinely convey the feelings of grief when losing someone you care about. Through this honesty and reflecting on the past, we grow and become stronger versions of our past selves.


Thomas Reid



Moments of Us


Let’s sit together.

Talk about things that don’t matter,

Talk about our lives,

And the dreams we chase after.


Let’s drive far away.

With the windows rolled down.

Singing bad karaoke,

Laughing so we’ll never again frown.


Let’s drink coffee,

Play like we’re adults,

Tell inappropriate jokes,

And dodge life’s poor results.


Let’s laugh until we cry,

See our lives through the same lens.

Wrap ourselves in each other’s arms,

And pray that tonight never ends.





Lock me away.

Stab me with your pins.

Taunt me with your smile.

Your sick ignorance makes me grin.


Your beauty poisons my bitterness.

You make me laugh.

I’m shocked by your peace.

I’m not even half.


I’m a liar.

No doctor can heal.

I forfeit myself in this mire.

I will never kneel.


Run from me.

I’ll break your joyful spirit.

I’m a torrid infection.

Screaming where none can hear it.


You are too perfect.






Break both my arms.

If it will please you.

My legs can still run.

I will appease you.

If I stop running

Ground crumbles beneath me.

Steal both my lungs

Please don’t leave me.


Your lighthouse eyes

Peer into my soul.

If they ever burn out.

I’ll never be whole.


Lost at sea until I perish.

Looking for a sign of something garish.


Sink my ship.

Stop my heart.

Don’t let me drift away.

Don’t let us part.




I lost.


You’re truly happy.

Your expression of joy is unmatched.

Life now so neon.

The cage on your heart unlatched.


In his arms you now find comfort.

From his eyes, understanding.

Your head filled with riddles.

Your heart never landing.


Together you cast a brighter shadow.

Together, there is no more scorn.

You are truly happy with him.

I’ll just sit here, watch and mourn.




I’m afraid.


Captured and alone.

A sea of pheromones.

Blowing air so cold.

To torch my hollow soul.


An album full of regrets.

Time I should have spent.

Every moment that was left.

Washed away with the rest.


The masquerade of masochists.

Snapping of battered wrists.

Not long before the hiss.

That reverbs your taunting kiss.