A word and a few poems

The Word? Everywhere!


As an up-coming poet, what do we really want from our poems? Is it recognition? Do we feel like someone may really relate, making us feel known? Maybe just a hobby? Whichever or whatever it is… we need that poem to be seen! Take a look at this quarterly poetry reader. SUBMIT. You will be seen. We have undergone a transition and are now posting weekly or a bit more. All entries will get viewed unless inappropriate. Give it a try. You own your copyright! Always.


Here are the poems: These are from my work ” Hazes” which is free with the click on the right. Suitable for a rainy day!




I have upset the Queen of the forest
Her wrath is kindled against me
She has sent messengers to relate this to me…
because of her anger.
The skies have blackened…
death stalks me…
but I am elusive…
and to imagine…
the Prince is my son…
but he doesn’t know of me…
thus her despising me…
I refused her to tell…
this is my option in this fabricated world.
For I am not the King…
only a lowly court composer…
who writes love songs to the Queen in her chambers…
when the King is off onto the hunt.
He looks like his mother…
thus saving my life.




I have dreamt of the woods
Being among the forest
Golden visions
I could thrive here
The short-lived dramas
Our fantasy worlds
Becoming each other
Not wanting to
I awake in the middle of the night
Feel the wind on my face
I am forced to relent
It is just too revealing
These thoughts come in all seasons
Nostalgia can be overwhelming
And it is amazing
I would rather live in that

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