A poem for Tuesday: The Jealousy of the Moon.

In 1998 I released a piano solo by the same title on my second album ” The Poet’s Dream”. I wrote the poem in 1992 and the song started it’s journey soon after. I wrote it over a year’s time and didn’t write the intro until the actual recording itself! Crazy! I have played this song for 20 plus years in concerts halls all over. Here is a link to the song: “The Jealousy of the Moon”   I have no idea where the cover pic came from. Youtube is confused. LOL


Now the poem:







The moon leaks down her amber glow

ruling the night she knows.

She sees the significance of the sun

and the power he has won.


In insane jealousy,

she changes the tides

causes women terrible pain

monthly strides.


Without the sun,

she cannot shine at night

because she has no light of her own.

This makes her jealous.

Besides, most people are awake in the day

to see the sun in his brilliance

while most everyone sleeps when she comes out.

She is lonely and becomes jealous.

But cunning is the moon,

chanting recompense

ruling the night.

She is unmatched in her influence.

Darkness her favor…

Jealousy her power…

Seasons befall her changes…

Petty revenge.

A poem for Saturday.

Lazy Day…thinking of poetry. Here is one from the early 2000’s called ” Depression” A strange symbolic form I use now and then.






Would you recognize death…

if he introduced himself?

Would you recite meaningless remarks at his passing?

Do you think you would ask him in for a spell of conversation?

Do you think you would want to know what he has to say?

I bet not.

Would you ask him to leave even if he refused?

Try to force him maybe?

Do you think you have more power or wisdom than He?

I bet not.

Although…you do have life…

which he is covetous of…

and he is dead..

but not to himself…

this is what makes his job so enjoyable.




would  you recognize death…

if he came for you?

Would you welcome him or…

offer him something else to appease his hunger…

you know…


like depression or something?