Saturday at 12:30 AM…God only knows.

Enjoy Patrick Lee Hebert and son recounting the days of youth and mis-understanding in this live ( at the time) gathering of soul speak.


Thoughts about reality… a 12:30 Am Excursion.


Patrick Lee Hebert and Patrick Lee Hebert II


The restlessness of the people is amazing

They swear to Gods unheard

They worship beings that have no spirit…

They plug into a black world.


Picturing a painting

Still life image

The colours and hue never were there

Impressionistic imaginations and watercolor thoughts


When I was young

A man came to our village

Speaking of the end

Speaking at me.


Once I thought about the moon and

Her conversations

Whispering on the cold breeze of



Love flits like a dragonfly

You swear she loves only you

Who are you to guess at such things

You have been betrayed brother.




Dreaming a dream…..

While inside a dream….

Makes a bit of difference I think….

At least I think….


Power unlimited

Failure sensed through dreaming

Never really knew her


Broke my damn heart she did.


Awake to see that sky

Dreaming of being alive

Thinking of the melody of the trees

Nobody sees……


We laughed so loud it was unreal

We became fools for the spotlight of reason

We became whores for the solidarity of the races

We became embryotic fluid for God’s sake!…can you say why?


Yet again…

The night comes alive and speaks

The trees whisper their ancient melody

To recount the tales of heroes of men


Silent sentinels linger

Over the bones of men who fought

For the freedom of thought

And realized the futility.


Toutes ces choses sont les fabrications des hommes…

Des petits reves et des fantasies

Tout dans ma tete

C’est pleine des trucs comme ca


Je suis desole pour l’honte

J’était sure

J’était un homme natural

Maintenant…je suis malheureux


Ses yeux… Ses cheveux…

Habille en toute noire

C’était la premiere fois qu’on est recontre

Je me souviens pas

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