A poem for a Monday.

Suppose you want the sky
But the earth is offered
What about the sea
Dry land for choice this time

Seemingly alarmed you ask for wind
They give you rain
You will settle for a breeze
A blizzard occurs

Some give up and wait
Some give up and take the offer
I will watch from my window
Let the world unfurl around me

Make no decision now they say
Wait till tomorrow
Maybe what you want will come
I don’t believe it and decide to dream instead…


Skies and sea
Breezes and sun
Contented dreams
Living there is my dream…

No-one can take it from me

One thought on “A poem for a Monday.

  1. Very thought provoking, love. What is wanted is not always what is given but what is given is usually what is best. God makes all things new!


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