A few poems for Thursday

I wrote this for my lovely wife Caroline several years ago.




Sometimes love is like ashes

memories blowing in the wind

loving the scent of wood burning

passion on fire with hope


Walking home in autumn

the breeze shifts the leaves

such is everyday life when you are in love

the journey so pleasant


Filled with longing

hoping to see your face

in my dreams

when I open the door…you are there


Love is like ashes

memories blowing in the wind

the best part for me

is knowing it is you



I wrote this in 2006 after one of the worst trials of my life…has a good ending though!


The house was still furnished

when you vacated our life

leaving me with Christmas memories

only two days old.


It took a week to remove everything

which I began immediately

even the pieces of tape

where pictures of us once hung…


I remember how the tree, still decorated

flew off the back of the over-packed truck

over the bridge and into the river

a cry of madness leaving my lips.


I returned every night for a week

scrubbing and washing

all the surfaces we leaned on

loved on…


Until every vestige was gone

any proof we lived there…gone


Before I left forever

I looked upon the outside of the dwelling

that was to be a new life for us

a new start from a mind only half healed


I saw a wind chime

hanging from the corner…

gently singing in the January night breeze…


I took it and walked away

never to return there again

going home to hang

in a new but familiar corner…alone.


Four years later

that same murmuring singer of wind songs

hangs from the house where we now reside

reminding me of a mind that has healed much further…


We are together again…

The wind chimes prove it…

Singing the same song…for different reasons…