Three poems for a Saturday.

These three poems are from my book “The Forgotten Dream”. Reading this morning I was touched by these three.IMG_20160708_183201.jpg



I feel like three people

One for me

One for her

One for them


One to make the pain go away

Sullen as it works

Dreaming relentlessly

No one cares here


Another to gather pride

A distant wish

Kissing a ghost



Last to become real

In a fabricated world

They laugh

At what I think




Awaking from a sultry dream

chasing phantoms in the night

wishing to go back

but afraid-

in the heart of the dreamer

lies the reason he falls

the hell of remembrance

is like sweet and longing nostalgia


The hazes that surround the dream

liquid voices


demand recognition


Screaming of loss



wanting to relive it all


Whispers emerge like ghosts

crowding his senses

knowing the result

but going anyway


Weakness deserves confusion

senses weakened

oceans of dreams

never ending




Suppose you want the sky

But the earth is offered

What about the sea

Dry land for choice this time


Seemingly alarmed you ask for wind

They give you rain

You will settle for a breeze

A blizzard occurs


Some give up and wait

Some give up and take the offer

I will watch from my window

Let the world unfurl around me


Make no decision now they say

Wait till tomorrow

Maybe what you want will come

I don’t believe it and decide to dream instead…




Skies and sea

Breezes and sun

Contented dreams

Living there is my dream…


No-one can take it from me


Just a thought

What to do when the past makes an appearance

Things thought dormant arise to remind

Trust is a luxury in this tainted world

A world I am forced to travel


Feeling hopeless is so easy to fall into

The world is waiting to crash down

Just a thin membrane of courage

Stopping total madness


I will never again fall prey to the dark

The somber feelings of dread

I feel watching me through my own eyes

People never really change I am told


I write a melancholy tune

To accompany my mood

Being a composer and a poet

Is a lasting and inevitable curse