Dim and Ancient Forest

I wrote this poem at a bar in New Hampshire in 2005. I was just killing time and feeling blue. I asked the waitress for a pen and proceeded to write this on a stained napkin.You never know when inspiration will hit.



By Patrick Lee Hebert


Imagine a dim and ancient forest

Where the light barely graces

Where there is no sunshine…

The sky being ashen


Imagine being there alone

Day after day

Night after night

Hardly ever emerging

Except to feed on life


Then back to the forest

Where silence is the rule

The trees never rustle

The wind never blows


No-one sees me here

Totally alone

Wanting to leave

Afraid to leave


Imagine being here with me

Dim and ancient moods

Alone with the trees

Alone even though I am here


To see the sky

Would be a miracle here

Just gray through the leaves

Heavy heart….heavy soul…


Not even death visits here

Afraid to be dismal I guess

No fear of him here

Even when feeling dead is natural to me in this place


Imagine a dim and ancient forest

Go there and see for yourself

It’s easy for me


It’s my soul



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