What is Highlandpoetry.com?

The site was a long-time dream of mine, composer Patrick Lee Hebert. It ran for several months in New Hampshire from 2001 to 2002. Back then, it was a print job that came out once every 3 months. We had followers and poetry submissions from literally all over the world. The goal of this blog is to give unrecognized poets a chance to share their art with the world. Copyrights will always be owned by the poet themselves, and if chosen, the Poetry will be featured on the Highland poetry blog. We are also planning an ebook that will first be published yearly, then as a quarterly. With enough submissions we may even be able to start the quarterly early. Patrick Lee Hebert  is a composer and pianist as well as a poet and writer. He has nine albums of solo piano compositions to his credit. He has a teaching school in Alcoa Tennessee and performs Countrywide. His music can be found on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and any other site where music downloads are found. His biography can be found at highlandpiano.com as well as patrickleehebert.com give us a try , it will be nice to share my poetry with you and share yours with the world.

Poetically yours,

Patrick Lee Hebert


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