Thomas Reid…five poems.

These five short poems are by Thomas Reid. Thomas is a guitar teacher in East Tennessee. Currently, he is working on an album of original songs to be released through the Highland label.There is a description below before the poems.


This collection of poems comes from where many artists find inspiration: heartbreak. Some of these poems were written a long time ago, others not. However, they all share an overarching narrative. The goal of these poems was to honestly and genuinely convey the feelings of grief when losing someone you care about. Through this honesty and reflecting on the past, we grow and become stronger versions of our past selves.


Thomas Reid



Moments of Us


Let’s sit together.

Talk about things that don’t matter,

Talk about our lives,

And the dreams we chase after.


Let’s drive far away.

With the windows rolled down.

Singing bad karaoke,

Laughing so we’ll never again frown.


Let’s drink coffee,

Play like we’re adults,

Tell inappropriate jokes,

And dodge life’s poor results.


Let’s laugh until we cry,

See our lives through the same lens.

Wrap ourselves in each other’s arms,

And pray that tonight never ends.





Lock me away.

Stab me with your pins.

Taunt me with your smile.

Your sick ignorance makes me grin.


Your beauty poisons my bitterness.

You make me laugh.

I’m shocked by your peace.

I’m not even half.


I’m a liar.

No doctor can heal.

I forfeit myself in this mire.

I will never kneel.


Run from me.

I’ll break your joyful spirit.

I’m a torrid infection.

Screaming where none can hear it.


You are too perfect.






Break both my arms.

If it will please you.

My legs can still run.

I will appease you.

If I stop running

Ground crumbles beneath me.

Steal both my lungs

Please don’t leave me.


Your lighthouse eyes

Peer into my soul.

If they ever burn out.

I’ll never be whole.


Lost at sea until I perish.

Looking for a sign of something garish.


Sink my ship.

Stop my heart.

Don’t let me drift away.

Don’t let us part.




I lost.


You’re truly happy.

Your expression of joy is unmatched.

Life now so neon.

The cage on your heart unlatched.


In his arms you now find comfort.

From his eyes, understanding.

Your head filled with riddles.

Your heart never landing.


Together you cast a brighter shadow.

Together, there is no more scorn.

You are truly happy with him.

I’ll just sit here, watch and mourn.




I’m afraid.


Captured and alone.

A sea of pheromones.

Blowing air so cold.

To torch my hollow soul.


An album full of regrets.

Time I should have spent.

Every moment that was left.

Washed away with the rest.


The masquerade of masochists.

Snapping of battered wrists.

Not long before the hiss.

That reverbs your taunting kiss.

” The Forgotten Dream” is coming!

My compilation of poems is finally coming out in print and e-book form. I have been trying to put this out for over ten years! Seems impossible but it is true. I was just publishing singles all this time. The book is in the final stages of editing so stay tuned. Subscribe to this page on the right to know right when it happens. And don’t forget to submit your own poetry for publishing on this page. We welcome all submissions.


Here is a little poem I wrote called ” One Last Dance”  I wrote it awhile ago when I was changing my life and the normal temptations we all face were trying to make a come back. The girl of course is fictional. It has proved useful to people with addictions…we all have them. It is a reminder of how we sometimes miss the very things we gave up to be better people. I hope you enjoy it.


Patrick Lee Hebert

One last dance
She always asks me
For one last dance
Not supposed to be even tempted
Can’t help the need
She always asks me anyway
Knowing I will relent
She knows her allure
Knows I am weak

Tells me she can make the pain go away
Fill all the empty little places
In my heart
In my soul
Most of the time she is right
Just a little bit
Just a taste
Just a strip tease
It is your life she says
Make what you want from it
The glory days are still here
Just dance with me one more time
You are so beautiful
To me anyway she says…

She lies

She asks me to dance in the dark with her
No-one will see
No-one will know
No-one will care

She lies

“Waking Dream” by Patrick Lee Hebert

This is a poem from my book ” The Forgotten Dream” that is coming out soon. I remember thinking of how we often have to fight for our dreams with opposition at every corner. Never give up!





Suppose you want the sky

But the earth is offered

What about the sea

Dry land for choice this time


Seemingly alarmed you ask for wind

They give you rain

You will settle for a breeze

A blizzard occurs


Some give up and wait

Some give up and take the offer

I will watch from my window

Let the world unfurl around me


Make no decision now they say

Wait till tomorrow

Maybe what you want will come

I don’t believe it and decide to dream instead…




Skies and sea

Breezes and sun

Contented dreams

Living there is my dream…


No-one can take it from me

Notes to Lee

Hello everyone. Patrick Lee Hebert II here. Notes to Lee was a series of poems I wrote about a girl named  Emily when I was 14. I wrote 40 of these poems in total. This one is number 28. Hope you enjoy! 
When i looked into her eyes

I saw the future and its beholdings

A world of fuzzy lines

And swirling faces
Her eyes not only foretold truth

But they saw my soul

Her dreamy pupils contracted

As they saw lee
Her perspective might have been blurred seeing that spirits are real

Not knowing the evil that lurks

Hiding in the shadows
I imagine I stared stupidly as I astonished God’s creation

Not knowing what I was doing or why

Though unseen voices lay beneath the surface
The ones of remembrance

The one impossible thing to let go of

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